Atrophy was formed in 1986 by James Gulotta, Brian Zimmerman, Chris Lykins, Tim Kelly and Rick Skowron. The band is from Tucson, Arizona. Chemical Dependency was the first demo released in 1987 featuring 6 songs, 5 of which appeared on there first record Socialized Hate released in 1988. After a couple tours around the states the band came back home to write the follow up album Violent By Nature released in 1990. After this release the band toured Europe with Arizona thrashers Sacred Reich. Atrophy then hit the road with Coroner and Forced Entry.

   In 2016 Brian, James and Tim have reformed along with fellow Arizona thrash guitarists Casper Garrett and Rich Olsen and are currently playing shows and festivals and planning to record a follow up to Violent By Nature. The band is shooting for a 2017 release date.